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Winning Your Financial G.A.M.E.

Winning Your Financial G.A.M.E.

In researching successful people from the past and the present, Dr. Tomas McFie has discovered that financially successful people have three common traits. Anybody who adeptly appreciates these three traits and appropriately applies them becomes successful. There is really only one drawback and that is this: Most people tend to do what everybody else is doing. Therefore, these traits which successful people diligently discipline themselves to apply elude most people. Using powerful historical examples of men and women who are in the financial Hall of Fame, Winning Your Financial Game is about success and significance, and understanding how to create a concise GAME (Guaranteed, Available, Manageable, Equity) plan that will put you on track to Winning Your Financial Game. In this book, you will discover 20 Winning Messages that will transform your life. These time proven truths are ageless as they ve been proven to work time and time again throughout history and all around the world. Adopt the winning messages found in this book, and you will naturally attract the wealth that comes with them.

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