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Well Adjusted Practitioner Guide

Well Adjusted Practitioner Guide


How to make Well Adjusted Babies work for you and your clients.

Well Adjusted Babies plays a critical role in educating parents about the benefits of chiropractic and allied health. When fully utilized, Well Adjusted Babies can help a chiropractic team inspire families to strengthen their health far beyond ordinary levels.

When the core principles outlined in this Practitioner Guide are understood and communicated skillfully, then this book will come to life in your practice as a handy “must-have” referral guide.

In our experience we have found that parents and parents-to-be are keen students and have many questions and a deep desire to be guided and supported. Instead of giving them a list of ‘shoulds’ and expecting them to follow blindly, parents become enthused when challenged to develop an inquiring mind. It is our role as health leaders to encourage them to ask good questions – because the quality of our health is dependent upon the quality of the questions we ask.

This guide includes:

  • suggestions on how to utilise each section of the book,
  • simple activities to encourage retention of important information,
  • the “power points” from each chapter,
  • suggestions for discussing chiropractic with clients, plus
  • clever content for promotional practice newsletters and websites.

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