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The War Against Chiropractors

The War Against Chiropractors

Historically the medical profession has waged many much-heralded “wars”, such as the war against polio, the war against cancer and the latest wars on heart disease, obesity, and tobacco. But without question the longest war fought by the American Medical Association has been against chiropractors. The America Medical Association was once dubbed “the most terrifying trade association on earth,” a truth the chiropractic profession experienced when 12,000 chiropractors were arrested in the first half of the twentieth century simply for helping patients with only their hands. A pivotal point in this war, an antitrust case, Wilk v. the AMA, occurred when court testimony revealed the AMA’s Final Solution for the “chiropractic menace” to be the “complete elimination of the chiropractic profession.” They called chiropractors “rabid dogs”, “killers”, an “unscientific cult”, and “a danger to public safety.” When taken to task in court, the AMA could not provide one witness to prove these accusations; it was purely propaganda. They lost the case, but the war has continued unabated. This ruthless war against chiropractors revealed a dark chapter in American medicine that few people have seen, but chiropractors know well. Ironically, research now confirms there is more proof for chiropractic care than back surgery, which has been “accused of leaving more tragic human wreckage in its wake than any other operation in history.” After a century assailing chiropractic as quackery, the table has finally turned with the medical profession now on the defensive, a fact the public has yet to hear but is well documented in this book with the latest scientific findings. The purpose of this book is to discuss this dark chapter in medical history – the events, tactics, and characters involved in political medicine’s war against the chiropractic profession from persecution to vindication. This is the untold story of the medical war against chiropractic from persecution to vindication that could only be told by a chiropractic advocate.

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