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The Last Angel in Hell

The Last Angel in Hell

THE LAST ANGEL IN HELL is the third book in the Dr. Ray Silver action adventure saga. In book one, (Indie Reader Discovery Award finalist EYE OF THE REDEEMER) we meet this average Joe chiropractor in a story that explores the age old values of honesty, integrity, honor, courage, and morality. But in his midlife crisis search to make sense of his life and validate his existence, Ray gets suspended from his job, becomes the love interest of two beautiful women, and finds himself on a 60 year-old naval relic sailing for the Philippines—an accidental key player in a CIA operation to stop a terror group from unleashing a nuclear holocaust. It is during this mission in the jungles of Luzon Ray spies two CIA agents meeting with a contact who looks like his brother Frank—a former Navy SEAL thought to have been killed many years before. In book two (5-star Kirkus reviewed BEYOND REDEMPTION), Ray’s search for his brother continues, even as his new wife encourages him to surrender to the simplicity of their Hawaiian family life. But his innocent search is not so innocent and he’s not the only one interested in the outcome. Red flags arise at the CIA, NSA, and with powerful San Francisco congresswomen Francine Manetti—preoccupied with Frank and a package of documents he supposedly had…documents, if in the wrong hands, could derail Manetti’s quest to become the most powerful woman in America. Ray and his family soon learn how far reaching and painful the effects of a vindictive power-hungry congresswoman can be. Francine Manetti also learns how far Ray will go to protect his family. THE LAST ANGEL IN HELL finds Ray physically and emotionally spent as he tries to recover from two back-to-back life threatening adventures he never imagined could ever happen to someone like him. His progress is slow but steady and as he tries to finally enjoy the warmth of the white sands of Lanikai and a laid-back family life with his beautiful young wife, Leigh Anne, and their twin baby girls, he continues to struggle with the guilt of having been the catalyst for attacks on his loved ones. Just when Ray thinks he’ll be ok, his past involvement with the NSA comes back to haunt him—especially since he holds a secret that could damage the president. Because of that secret his two eldest children are being used as pawns in a cloak and dagger war being waged by two NSA advisors competing for the top post in president Jack Walkers National Security council. Will Ray abandon the promise he made to Leigh Anne and allow himself to be drawn in to the fray? If he honors his promise to her will his children become collateral damage? If he jumps back in will it cost him his marriage? Will it cost him his life?

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