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Healthy Fats For Life

Healthy Fats For Life

You CAN eat fat and be healthy!

For years we have been told that "fat" is bad for us. But the low-fat and no-fat-diets designed to improve our health have instead created an overweight society with skyrocketing rates of heart disease and diabetes. Recent scientific research has shown that certain types of essential fatty acids (EFAs) — healthy fats — improve immune and hormone functions, and play a vital role in treating all forms of degenerative disease, including cancer.

Healthy Fats for Life will help you to understand the difference between "good" fats and "bad" fats, while providing a simple plan for obtaining essential fats to reach optimum health. Learn how to:

  • reduce your weight
  • lower your cholesterol
  • control your diabetes
  • prevent heart disease
  • reduce the risk of cancer
  • improve brain function
  • develop stronger bones
  • increase your longevity
  • eliminate arthritis symptoms
  • protect the prostate
  • improve fertility
  • give birth to a healthier baby

You'll discover the important role of essential fatty acids for health and learn how to easily incorporate them into your diet to reduce the risks of disease.

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