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Foot Gait & Orthotics

Foot Gait & Orthotics


Posture, both static and kinetic, is discussed and demonstrated. Primary and secondary shock absorbers of gait are related to their major muscle and nerve root. Neutral position of the foot is defined and demonstrated when it is pathomechanical and truly neutral. Structural deformities such as leg length, rear foot and forefoot varus/valgus, functional hallucis limitus (FHL), equinus, and others will be covered.

Orthotics for common foot disorders and posture problems will be demonstrated. Learn how to cast a foot in true neutral position non-weight bearing. Learn why the foundation of the spine truly starts at the ground. Learn the difference between functional and accommodative foot orthoses, and learn to make functional orthoses (students will be making functional orthoses in this class for themselves).

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